Legal Services

Our legal services cover mainly following areas:

General business-legal guidance and legal services, including general legal aid for companies, mainly:

  • providing management with support and legal aid while maintaining corporate governance in day-to-day operations,
  • drafting internal companies rules.

Company Law, including mainly:

  • structuring entities of all legal forms, e.g. limited liability companies, joint stocks companies as the most frequent corporations,
  • legal aid with arranging changes in companies,
  • mergers and acquisitions, including both acquiring and selling businesses.

Commercial finance, including mainly:

  • legal aid to borrowers and lenders in all varieties of secured and unsecured arrangements.

Real Estate Law, including mainly legal aid in following areas:

  • purchase, sale, lease, sublease, development, construction, operation, and financing of office buildings, shopping, and industrial centres,
  • single and multi-unit residential projects, public projects, and other types of commercial, investment, and residential properties,
  • property management,
  • broker agreements.

Commercial and Civil Contract Law, including mainly legal aid in negotiation and entering into all kinds of contracts (both typical and untypical), including the following:

  • lease contracts, credit, and loan contracts (incl. General Terms and Conditions),
  • contracts on security of claims, incl. securing transfer of rights,
  • contracts for work,
  • contracts for providing services and cooperation,
  • other types of contracts.

Civil litigation including:

  • legal representation of plaintiffs and defendants before courts in civil, labour, and commercial legal disputes, incl. disputes about damages,
  • legal representation in arbitration proceedings.
  • Law of Promissory Notes (Bill of Exchange), including:
  • legal aid with issuance of promissory notes,
  • legal representation of defendants, plaintiffs, and avals (bill guarantors) in proceedings relating to promissory notes.

Enforcement of claims

  • prior to judicial proceedings, in judicial proceedings,
  • in executions, liquidations, and insolvency proceedings.

Consumer Protection Law, including mainly:

  • legal support to companies when drafting sample contractual documentation entered into with consumers etc.

Data Protection Law, including also:

  • legal aid to business entities when drafting sample contractual documents and provisions dealing with personal data protection,
  • legal representation in proceedings before the Personal Data Protection Office in the Czech Republic.

Labour Law, including mainly legal aid when:

  • drafting and negotiating labour contracts, contracts about work outside the scope of employment, and another labour law related documents,
  • solving conflicts between employees and employers (e.g. in connection to breach of employee´s discipline),
  • amending and terminating employment relationship, appointing into and removing from an office,
  • negotiating with labour unions including negotiation over collective contracts,
  • preparing reorganization at employers,
  • legal representation of employers and employees in judicial proceedings.

Criminal Law, including:

  • defence of the prosecuted,
  • legal representation of the damaged party in criminal proceedings.

Family Law and Law of Inheritance, including the following areas:

  • divorces,
  • award of custody of minors and maintenance support,
  • settlement of the community property of spouses after divorce,
  • submission of claims into inheritance proceedings and further legal aid.

Our lawyers provide legal services in the Czech, English, German, and Russian language.

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