Introducing the Law Firm SDA Legal

SDA Legal, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. (SDA Legal) was founded in 2013 as a continuation of the former partnership Klouček Sládek Topinka & Džmuráňová (KSTD), the law firm with more than twenty years of successful track record on the market of legal services.

SDA Legal provides its clients with the high standard of service, experience, and loyalty they have been accustomed to from the past. We render sophisticated and effective tailor made legal services in wide range of legal matters to our clients, with knowledge and practical advice based on our acumen which have been developing through years of experience. We identify issues, eliminate or minimize risks and solve problems in the cost-effective manner. With regard to the nature and value of transactions we solve, our clients enjoy higher comfort of substantially increased SDA Legal professional insurance.

SDA Legal is the member of Mackrell International, the global network of independent law firms, and its exclusive member for the Czech Republic. Through membership in Mackrell International with member firms in almost 60 countries SDA Legal gives their clients access to more than 4,000 lawyers worldwide providing the seamless legal service wherever the client needs.

Our clients include foreign investors, local subsidiaries of global players, joint ventures, significant local companies, entrepreneurs, closely-held and family-owned businesses as well as outstanding cultural institutions and other entities and individuals.

SDA Legal